Layne Brookshire is the owner and lead organizer of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing serving Austin, TX and Santa Fe, NM. Layne is a leader in the organizing industry, bringing a fresh approach to her one-on-one client work that leaves them with a sense of tranquility, and most importantly, intentional order in the sanctuary that is their home.

Ms. Placed was created out of Layne's passion for organizing and love of working with women in their homes to streamline their lives and spaces. After seven years working full-time as a professional organizer, she's been able to contribute numerous times to the media in Austin, as well as working with celebrity clientele and coaching new organizers around the world.


Media FAQ's:

What was the aha moment or motivation for starting your company?

A strong, genuine desire to connect with others helps my clients open their homes and hearts to me. I’m passionate about sharing my story on how organizing has affected my own life, in order to help women in their homes. A heightened awareness to my surroundings helps me quickly and efficiently identify chaos in a space that may not be as obvious to others. I’m able to easily recognize when my client may be feeling overwhelmed and deeply sympathize with them during an emotional session.

What makes your service unique in the industry?

I've spent years honing mindfulness techniques. Many organizers excel at quickly making over a room, which can actually create chaos and anxiety if they don't first take the time to learn a client’s spaces, routines, and needs to create customized solutions to best fit their lifestyle. Our goal is to free you from anxiety, not add to it. I keep a bottle of lavender in my car and in my purse. If I know I have a particularly challenging work day ahead of me, I put it on my wrist before I go into my clients home and often offer it to my client too. 

Any future plans for expansion?

I've recently opened a second service location in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and am looking for opportunities to create a product line for Ms. Placed. Our organizing products need to be in line with our mission: intentional placement for peace.

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