Many potential clients express a wish to have someone tell them where to start, what to buy, and how to keep the motivation going.

The DIY Plan may be right for you if:

You want to get organized on your own time schedule.

You do not have any trouble staying focused on household tasks through completion.

You love customized, personalized advice for your home, but you are on a budget.



  • A 60-90 minute walkthrough in-person (local service areas in Austin, TX and Santa Fe, NM only)
  • A customized plan for your needs delivered within 3 business days
  • Follow up emails after 7 days and 30 days


  • Per Room: $150
  • Whole Home: $500




Ms. Placed Professional Organizer Austin, TX virtual organizing service


"Layne is amazing!"

I struggle to put into words the wonder she's done for my home over the last several months. She's creative, hard-working, thoughtful and passionate about her work. Highly recommended! Sara H.


"I would recommend her highly to anyone needing help with organizing on any scale."

We called Layne for help after we moved into a new house. We were immobilized by the sheer scope of the problem, but Layne stepped in and organized our garage and other parts of the house quickly and efficiently. She has a real talent for what she does, and she was not intimidated by what seemed a hopeless mess to me. David N.


"I have referred her to my most discerning clients -- and they have kissed the ground I walk on in return."

Where do I begin? I can't thank Layne enough. She has worked wonders for me several times. I had her organize my closet, and getting dressed became a whole new experience. I also had her organize my office. Wow - that was like being re-born. My desk was a disaster. She just fluttered her little fairy wings in and worked her magic. Now I can find my dang calculator and any other thing I was looking for. She also made great purchases (with my consent of course) to improve functionality. The big one: she packed me up to move. I trusted her to organize, box and label everything while I was out of the country. Imagine having to move a few days after a trip across the globe: nightmare. Except Layne took care of all of it. What a godsend. Not to be overlooked is that she is just the most pleasant person in general. She is so nice and cheerful. You can't be in a bad mood with Layne around. You just can't. HIRE LAYNE - you won't be disappointed! Megan S.