Layne Brookshire is the founder of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing in Austin, Texas. A Texas native, Layne first launched her business in 2011 as a personal assistant and organizer while living in Santa Barbara, California. For 3 years, her business thrived completely on word-of-mouth referrals from her high-end clientele, as she organized and decluttered their spaces to promote functional, stress-free environments. She quickly realized that people innately desire to live in organized homes, but often lack the time or knowledge to implement the necessary changes in their lives.

Austin, TX Professional Organizer Layne Brookshire with Ms. Placed

The move back home to Austin presented the perfect opportunity for Layne to combine her passion and experience to create a personalized luxury service for busy individuals, bringing order, function, and freedom from anxiety into the lives and homes of her clients. She commits herself to learning her client’s spaces, routines, and needs to create customized solutions to best fit their lifestyle.

Layne’s passion for order stems from her continual experiment to streamline her world by removing both physical and mental obstacles. Her attraction to mindfulness, meditation, and self-growth equips her to work with individuals seeking similar life improvements. Simply put, she loves making life easier. Think peaceful, productive, and clutter-free.

More recently, she's become an expert contributor to the Trulia Design Panel and coaches professional organizers around the world.  


Layne's favorite words to live by? "The opposite of impulse is intention."



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"I'm lucky enough to live right here in Austin where Ms. Placed could come work their magic in person. It was kind of life-changing. I'm already thinking about how I'm going to woo them to Dallas when I move back in a year."

-Alex B.

"A joy to work with! We hired a team of two organizers for our whole home organizing project. They did such a wonderful job! The best organizers I have worked with and from now on, the only ones!”

-Erin. L.


"Upon arriving home at the end of the day we literally couldn't believe what they were able to accomplish. Ms. Placed was a great help to our family after we moved in. Ms. Placed has made our lives that much simpler.

-Shannon B.

"Ms. placed is on my speed dial! We’ve worked in our attic, garage, kitchen, pantry, and three storage units which we were able to get rid of! They are super efficient, and gentle with the "treasures" I had trouble parting with.

-Heather B.